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Why Chantry Architects

Many people will offer to alter your home, but it takes an Architect to maximise its potential and it do it with flair, imagination and style. Chantry Architects provide a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings. We are adept at identifying the aspirations and needs of our clients - we will bring our special skills, in design, planning negotiations and construction to every project.


We can look at initial feasibilities, before you commit to a full design service. This will help clarify your ideas and see what is possible under the constraints of the site and local planning policies. We pride ourselves on not just looking at the obvious, but, exploring alternative options that could unlock the true potential of your house or site. Only then will design drawings be progressed. We will lead you through the whole process, from initial design concepts, design drawings and 3D visualisation, to submitting and negotiating planning applications, detailed design, production of tender documents, so you and your builder know exactly what is being priced, and if you don't feel confident in dealing with the day to day running of the project on site we can administer a standard building contract.

Chantry Architects have the skills to provide value for money by ensuring the most efficient use of space, to ensure you extension suitably sized, and you house is working to its maximum potential. Chantry Architects are knowledgeable in different building methods, materials, and finishes. Environmental sensitivity, energy efficiency, low running costs and maintenance can bring extra benefits to your project.

Undertaking a building project, whatever its scale, can be a daunting experience, but we are here to make the process as stress free as possible.

Why Employ an Architect

There is a big difference between an Architectural Designer and an Architect. To call yourself an Architect you must typically study for five years at University and complete a minimum of two years of practical experience, before being able to sit the extremely strenuous professional qualification examination. This is why, like other professions, the title, Architect, is protected by law to ensure a level of competence and professional behaviour. If you wish to employ an Architect, make sure they are fully qualified and registered with the Architect’s Registration Board.

When you use an Architect you are employing someone who has undertaken seven years’ architectural training, the longest in the building industry. Anyone styling themselves ‘building consultant’, ‘architectural designer’ or ‘plan drawer’ is very unlikely to be an architect, and does not have comparable skills or knowledge.

Types of Work:

New build Development

Domestic Reordering and Extensions


Construction drawings

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